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Nature and design

The selection of the best olive oils is combined with the passion for the typical craftsmanship of Puglia

About us

A family history, a generational exchange between father and son. Since 2015, the history of Itoliva has been based on the development, research, and selection of various types of extra virgin olive oil with high professionalism and special attention to organic farming. From generation to generation, now the third with landowner Antonio Michele, the secrets of olive care and how to select the best extra virgin olive oil are passed down,  winning an important space in the distribution and marketing of the product. Our company is characterized by flexibility in production processes and continuous research to improve all phases.

Today Itoliva closely preserves these teachings, combining the search for quality with the enhancement of the territory to which it belongs. The oil is enclosed in round earthenware jars, whose shape recalls that of an olive.

The result is a collection with a contemporary style, with innovative and bright colors that recall those of Italy, the “Bel Paese.” The desire to emphasize the origins of the product are very important: Made in Italy is recognized worldwide for its excellent quality.

The jar and its history

Terracotta and oil have been linked since ancient times. It was, and still is, important that the oil was preserved and stored in the correct way away from elements that could ruin it, such as light, heat and oxygen.
These have the ability to alter the organoleptic and chemical characteristics of the oil.

Terracotta has always played a fundamental role over the years for all people with regard to the preservation of food and, therefore, oil.
Thanks to the invention of amphorae and jars, it was possible to trade in products such as oil and wine, even for long distances.

The ceramic jar is a real art that has its roots in the Puglia region, is completely handmade and is a unique product.
At Itoliva we wanted to use this precious container for our oil giving it a very special shape that is contemporary and elegant at the same time.

Olive oil is a precious gift

Extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine and famous all over the world. This is why it has always been a very welcomed gift. It is enclosed in a unique container, making it even more special.

Our goal is to convey to those who receive this gift, important values such as the link with the territory, craftsmanship, and product quality.
The Itoliva jar is ideal as a party favor for an important day that deserves to be remembered as fondly as a wedding, or other special life events. A special gift; unique, useful, and reusable.

Our jar can be requested in various colors and is a true design piece. If you are looking for a unique and elegant gastronomic party favor, let our jar win you over.