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White Jar 500ml – Organic


Organic is extra virgin oil produced according to the methods of the organic supply chain, cold extracted in the harvesting areas and unfiltered.

Bring the intact taste and purity of nature to the table.



Organic represents the answer to a growing and collective need for well-being, also and above all in nutrition. Science has revealed the double-threaded relationship between health and food, an ever wider and more informed audience of consumers is asking for quality, respect and safety.

An oil with unique organoleptic properties and totally chemical free starting from work in the fields without resorting to synthetic products, whether they are chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It is characterized by the freshness of the aroma and the delicacy of the perfume. A medium-light, fragrant and fresh fruity taste in which bitter and spicy are contained, leaving room for hints of fresh grass, almond and notes of vanilla.

The most congenial choice for those who prefer naturalness in every dish.

Used raw, it adds a touch of well-being to every dish; it is especially suitable for simple dishes, white meats, fish and vegetables.

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