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Red Jar – 250 ml Intense Fruity


The strong character and its fruity notes make it unique to add personality to any dish.
The red jar together with the intense fruity extra virgin olive oil give a distinctive character, power and balance for a robust taste experience.

With its strong flavors, it gives an unmistakable character to every recipe, ideal for seasoning meats, cold and hot soups, legumes.


With a marked flavor, this oil conquers for its unique bouquet and its fruity and pungent scent, characteristics of the cultivars of Southern Italy with which it is produced.
Intense green with golden shades. Aromas of Artichoke, cut grass, medium fruity oil is bitter and spicy.

The red jar with intense fruity extra virgin olive oil.

It is a pressing of olives with robust cultivars such as coratina, frantoio and moraiolo, which gives life to an intense fruity extra virgin olive oil. An explosion of aromas, bitterness and spiciness for those palates accustomed to tasting strong flavored foods but also for those who use oil sparingly; a drop is enough to season and enhance the flavor of hot and cold soups.

Italian extra virgin olive oil: main characteristics

The Italian extra virgin olive oil contained in this red jar is precious, it is obtained with physical and mechanical methods without the use of chemicals. It is also not blended with different oils from other countries. You got it right, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil is the ideal solution to embellish your dishes. Another feature to remember: the acidity which is less than 0.8%. The characteristics of olive oil translate into health benefits. Extraordinary, right? Nature shapes exceptional products and, at the same time, takes care of the well-being of her children. In fact, extra virgin olive oil is rich in lipids. I’m talking about fatty acids expressed in triglycerides which, together with fat-soluble Vitamins E and beta-carotene, perform an antioxidant action for the body. Do you know what it means? Moderate consumption of Italian extra virgin olive oil has positive effects on health. Above all, it strengthens the immune system and lowers cholesterol.

Examples of food oil combinations

In this paragraph I try to give you some indications to create truly spectacular oil-food combinations. How can you get the most out of extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen? To delicate foods it combines light fruity oils, to tasty dishes it combines medium or intense oils. But now let’s move on to some examples of food oil pairing: with spicy oils you can flavor: bruschetta, legume soups, meat dishes, tomato sauces; with sweet oils they go well with: white meats, shellfish, grilled swordfish, salmon; with oils with vegetable sensations alongside: bruschetta, tomato salads, cereal soups, roasted fish.

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