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Green Jar 250ml – Medium Fruity


Its balanced and harmonious scents make it unique to give personality to each dish.

Golden yellow fruity with bright green reflections, decisive and complex, rich in vegetable and herbaceous hints accompanied by a very clear artichoke.



Medium fruity extra virgin olive oil boasts a very low acidity and a very balanced taste, suitable for cooking with fish and short cooking.

On the palate it is clean and of great personality with balsamic notes of aromatic herbs and artichoke at the end. Bitter and spicy of medium intensity in balance.

On the nose it gives intense and lively aromas of tomato, rocket, radish and ringing sensations of artichoke. In the mouth it fully confirms the fresh and lively olfactory notes without exceeding bitter or spicy tones.

Characterized by a good balance between bitter and spicy.

Delicate with a harmonious and balanced organoleptic profile, specially designed for those who want all the health benefits of EVO oil with a delicate and unobtrusive taste both raw and in recipes.

Ideal for dishes with balanced flavors such as legume soups, grilled vegetables, cooked shellfish, blue fish or stewed fish and fresh cheeses.

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